Month: October 2022

Tips for sensory sensitive kids during Halloween

Create a visual schedule for the events leading up to Halloween and day of Halloween Explain behavioral expectations before you leave the house For older kids, have a signal to help signify dysregulation Practice the routine of Trick-or-Treating before Halloween so your child knows what to expect Have your child try on and wear their […]

4 fun Halloween activities to try:

Sensory Bin Supplies Needed: Plastic bin (with a lid) Filler (shredded paper, rice, beans, pasta, sand, water beads, etc.) Different textured/sized items to place in bin within the filler (themed items for holidays/seasons) Open all supplies and mix them together inside the box.Have your child reach into box with eyes closed, feeling around trying to […]

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functions are “underlying processes that allow children and adolescents to regulate their behaviors towards a goal” (Clifford O’Brien & Miller-Kuhaneck, 2020). The set of mental skills involved in executive functioning help children engage in daily life skills, learn and play. Executive function “includes the processes of: attention, inhibition, working memory, emotion and action”(Clifford O’Brien […]

Sensory Integration

Sensory Processing Theory: The sensory processing theory was developed to “explain the relationship between deficits in interpreting sensory stimuli from the sensation body and the environment and difficulties with academic and motor learning”(Critz et al., 2015). Sensory processing is the way an individual interprets multiple sensory stimuli from the 8 different sensory inputs our body […]

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