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Holiday Gift Guide

Have you ever struggled during the holiday season to find gifts for your children? Do you spend hours searching online for the most popular toys? Do you spend too much of your free time reading reviews? Rest assured, we have put together a guide with some of our favorite developmentally appropriate toys for children ages […]

What is Play-Based Therapy?

Play-based therapy is a treatment approach used by occupational therapists to engage children towards their goals by improving their functional abilities and emotional well-being. A child’s primary occupation is play, so it is invaluable to incorporate it into their therapy setting. Play “is the subjective experience of joy and fun, that comes from engaging in […]

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functions are “underlying processes that allow children and adolescents to regulate their behaviors towards a goal” (Clifford O’Brien & Miller-Kuhaneck, 2020). The set of mental skills involved in executive functioning help children engage in daily life skills, learn and play. Executive function “includes the processes of: attention, inhibition, working memory, emotion and action”(Clifford O’Brien […]

What is Occupational Therapy?

To understand the practice of occupational therapy, it is important to understand the definition of occupation. Occupations are “activities people of all ages need and want to do-things like making meals, dressing, managing medications, driving, going to school or work, playing or caring for family members” (AOTA, 2014). An occupational therapist helps people “participate in […]

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